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fon: + 49 (0)30 6891 50 08 | + 49 (0)173 27 17 044 | + 49 (0)178 31 50 450 | fax: + 49 (0)30 6891 50 10,

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Important information regarding all links on this website:

In its decision of May 12, 1998 (312 O 85/98 'Liability for external links') the Hamburg district court has ruled that by linking to an external website, one may be held responsible for the content of a linked site. According to the court, this can only be avoided by expressly dissociating oneself from the content of the websites in question. (The ruling can be found at

"I hereby expressly dissociate myself from all content of all linked websites. This statement applies to all links found on this website."

1) Website content
The author assumes no liability for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against the author, which pertain to damages of material or intangible nature, resulting from the use or non-use of the provided information or from the use of faulty or incomplete information, are excluded in principle, provided that no deliberate or grossly negligent fault on the author's part can be proven.
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2) Links and Referrals
In case of direct or indirect links to third party websites ("hyperlinks"), which lie beyond the author's sphere of responsibility, a liability obligation would exclusively enter into force in those cases where the author has full knowledge of a site's illegal content and it would be technically possible and reasonable for him to prevent visitors to his site from viewing the content in question. With this statement the author expressly states that there was no apparent illegal content on any of the linked sites at the time when the links were established. The author has no influence on the current or future composition, content or authorship of linked / referred sites. Therefore, the author hereby disassociates himself expressly from all content of linked / referred sites that was modified after establishing the link. This statement is valid for all links and referrals contained in this website, as well as for third party posts or messages in guest books, forums, link directories, mailing lists, and all other kinds of databases that allow external input, provided by the author. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete information and especially for damages resulting from the use or non-use of such information, the sole liability lies with the proprietor of the linked site and not with the author who merely makes a reference to such a publication by creating a link to it.

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4) Data privacy
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5) Legal validity of this liability disclaimer
This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the website from which the referral to this page was made. Should sections or individual terms of this disclaimer fail to comply or no longer comply or not completely comply with current legislation, the content and validity of all other sections of this document shall remain unaffected.

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